Friday, May 20, 2011

drawer organizing....a weekend project for you!!

Kitchen drawer organizer

dresser drawer organizers

desk or junk drawer organizer

dresser drawer dividers

Ok, so if you are looking for a little project this weekend, something to move your household organizing project forward a bit, consider doing your drawers.  Kitchen drawers, junk drawers, desk drawers, bathroom drawers, even dresser drawers.  All drawers can be better organized and kept that way, free of clutter, with one of these little gems.  There is a drawer organizer for EVERYTHING!!  They come in all sizes whether you need a tray with small compartments in it for a junk drawer or separate squares and long rectangles that hook together for your spatulas and kitchen tools.  You can put together any kind of a system of compartments for specifically what you need it for!!  But remember, don't forget to sort first and purge what you don't need or haven't used!

Have a productive weekend!!

Michelle Ducato ::

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  1. Love it and can't wait to have help getting organized!