Saturday, June 11, 2011

Closet Calendar - June Tasks

Since June is a huge travel month with summer vacations in full swing, let's sort through and discard our old luggage and toiletry bags.  Replace with new pieces if necessary or have repairs made on broken pieces if they are salvageable.  Also, restock your travel kit with cosmetics and toiletries.  Don't keep half used bottles of shampoo and toothpaste tubes around just because you can squeeze one more use out of them.  Make a trip to Target, buy the $.99 travel size items and consolidate the old into the new. 

So, here is your to-do list for June:

1- Sort and discard old luggage and toiletry bags.
2- Replace with new pieces or make repairs to existing if needed
3- Re-stock your travel kit with cosmetics and toiletries, discard/consolidate old items

Stay tuned for next months "Closet Calendar" tasks as we walk through the year getting our closets organized one month at a time! 

Here's to taming the closet clutter!!

Michelle Ducato ~

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