Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How to Stop Junk Mail, Telemarketing Calls and Credit Card Offers

Does your mailbox look like this??  Half of this is junk mail!!  Let's save some trees and get our names off these mailing lists!! 
To stop credit card offers go to http://www.optoutprescreen.com/ and register.

To end the bulky trade magazines and endless catalogs that clutter up our homes go to http://www.dmachoice.org/ and sign up to be removed from all the mailing lists.

To get rid of your distribution of phone books go to http://www.papesgoesgreen.org/.

And the National Do Not Call Registry List to block telemarketing calls for your cell and home phones, call 888-567-8688. 

This may seem like a lot of work to do now but you will be saving yourself alot of stacks of mail later!! 

Here's to no soliciting,

Michelle Ducato ~ http://www.containyourhome.com/

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