Monday, June 6, 2011

Managing Magazine Subscriptions

One of the biggest contributors to clutter in a home is magazines.  How do we throw away a magazine that we have paid for and haven't read yet?  First off, cancel the current subscription to give yourself the opportunity to get caught up.  Secondly, do not renew the subscription.  When you have gone through the piles that have accumlated and torn out the pages that you want to keep, you can now send that magazine to the recycle bin.  Or, simply recycle the entire stack of piled magazines and chalk it up as a to-do that you have just crossed off your list!   At most, one individual should have one magazine subscription at a time if you struggle with having the time to read them. It may be beneficial to schedule time in your week to sit and read those subscriptions.  If you find them stacking up month after month, the season of life that you are in at the moment may not lend itself to reading magazines.  Cancel your subscriptions and save yourself the headache and money!!

Yours in decluttering,

Michelle Ducato ~

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