Thursday, June 9, 2011

Organizing Your Wardrobe

Think of organizing your clothes like a "filing" cabinet.  Sort the clothing by season, then by type, sleeve length, and color.  Some people may prefer sorting by casual, career, and formal clothing as well.  People in warmer climates may not need to sort by season.  A great help are these Garment Organizers shown above.  You can find these at

Next, prioritize placement of your itmes by the frequency of their use.  If you use it often, make it more accessible.  Now, consider purchasing new hangers.  The white tubular hangers are inexpensive and look great or the wood style shown in the picture above.  Which ever hanger you choose the goal is to use the same hanger for the entire closet.

Set up a system for empty hangers so you can find them easily.  When you remove a piece of clothing, make a habit of placing the empty hanger in this reserved spot. 

Stay tuned for more closet organizing tips throughout the year!!  And if you need help to get your wardrobe in tip-top shape, let me know!

Yours in organizing,

Michelle Ducato ~

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