Friday, July 1, 2011

Closet Calendar - July Tasks

We are in our second month of our closet makeover!!  If you have started to follow our monthly calendar then you should have cleaned out all of your old luggage and toiletry bags in the month of June.

July is "Accessories Month"!  Here are your action steps:

1.  Sort & discard old belts, scarves, & hair accessories
2.  Sort & discard old purses and wallets

Any of these items that you feel are worth being sold can be put on consignment at your local consignment shop.  If you live in the Johns Creek, Georgia area I have recently used Alexis' Suitcase on State Bridge Rd.  Their number is 770-390-0010, call to make an appointment. 

If you have items that need to be donated, use your Goodwill drop off or another charity organization in your area.  My favorite in the Johns Creek area is Wellspring Living.  Here is the link for that charity:

Here's to another month of closet makeovers!!

Michelle Ducato ::


  1. Hey! I just wanted to let you know that you totally inspired me to clean out my closet! I'm going to email you a before and after picture. There is still much work to be done (bags on shelves, folded stuff that I haven't figured out how to organize yet... but progress has been made!) Thanks for the motivation!

  2. Yes!!! I am soooo excited this is motivating you! Thanks for sharing your comment and please let me know what i can do to help you figure out the folded stuff and how to organize it!! You are awesome!! Thanks Maranda.