Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Entryway Organizing

Finding a way to create some structure as you are walking in and out of your home can make you and your family's life a lot easier.  This is just a small example of an organizer that can be used if you only have a little wall in your entryway.  Another option for a small space is to use a foyer table with a long, rectangular or square tray to drop keys, cell phones, mail etc.  If you have more room you can find a larger, bench-like system for coats, keys, purses, backpacks, mail, shoes, or whatever else is needed to exit the house without chaos.  Pottery Barn has a great bench entryway organizer.   Those of you without a true "entryway" can use the area in your garage right at the door.  Hang some coat racks for coats, bags and hats and put in a shelving system for shoes.  Also, you can use fabric bins to keep bulky things contained.  Lastly, hang a key rack organizer to simply slip your keys onto as you go in! 

Try it, you will be surprised how much less stressful it is to come and go from the house when everything is in one place!

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