Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Closet Calendar - August Tasks

August 3rd!!  Wow!!  The summer time is flying by!  We are still on our mission to get our closets organized by concentrated on one item per month.  In June we discarded old luggage and toiletry bags, in July we worked on our accessories; belts, scarves, jewelry, purses, etc. Now in August we will be cleaning out and sprucing up our Pajamas and Underwear!  Here is your action list:

- Discard old pajamas, robes, underwear and lingerie
- Make repairs to any pieces that are worth repairing
- Buy new to replace worn items
- Organize by type: summer, winter, sleep pants, nightshirts, etc.
- Create clean stacks in your drawers or on shelves in the closet

If you are using your closet as storage for these items you may need to purchase some cubbies or dividers for your closet to make nice stacks of pajamas or other clothing items.  Cubes sitting on top of a shelf with keep your clothes from falling all over the shelf and make the entire closet look more organized.

Here is an example of a cubbie that I would use:  Available at Target

Also, organizing your underwear will be so easy if you use a drawer divider like this: these can be purchased at Bed Bath & Beyond, The Container Store or on-line at

Shopping for new items?  Target and Old Navy have great pj sections at really affordable prices.  And the PJ Salvage line at Nordstrom or on other websites on-line is one of my favorites!  I still have a pair of sleep pants from PJ Salvage that I have had since 2004!  They are worth the extra money. 

Have fun this month with this task.  Think of it as doing something for yourself.  Once you have finished you will love looking at your nicely organized intimates!

Yours in organizing,

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