Monday, August 29, 2011

Organizing Your Kids Chore Lists/Responsibilities

This is one of the best things to use to teach your kids about responsiblity, accountablility, time management, organization, etc.  Accountable Kids is a back-to-basics system which includes essential parenting principles and concrete steppping stones that strengthen relationships and build a foundation for success.  Kids learn to balance choices and consequences in a fun, productive manner.  They experience the joy of being a vital, contributing member of the family and develop confidence and self-worth.  This kit provides everything parents need to maximize efforts and bring structure and harmony into the home.  Check out and get your family organized!!

Happy New School Year 2011-12!!

Michelle Ducato ::


  1. Cool! Do you happen to know the best place to purchase it? Is there a certain target age that it would work best for?

  2. Go to there website at to order. That is the only place that I know of to get it. The age is from 3-14. I purchased this last year when Luke turned 3 but we didn't start using it until just now. He will be 4 in October. I think it depends on the child and on how slowly you introduce all of the components of the system. You can easily overwhelm them and yourself if you try to do too many chores and all of the types of tickets they can earn all at once. Does that help?