Friday, March 30, 2012

Another "Fun Friday" Idea

YAY!!  It's Friday everybody!!  Time for another "Fun Friday" idea to do with your family.

Around the whole design and decorate your patio idea I thought about painting patio stones.  I have done a couple of these as gifts for my mom when my boys were so small that I was the one that did all the work.  But now that they are bigger I think it would be a lot more fun and the end product would be so much more creative with their special touches.

You can purchase a kit from Michael's, Target or Hobby Lobby, whatever craft store is in your area.  Or even just get a bag of cement from Home Depot and create your round stone in a pie plate like the one shown here.

Use color paints, and beautiful gems, rocks, shiny pieces of glass, or broken tiles to create mosaics on these one of a kind patio stones.  Be sure and let it dry for a bit before you try and write your name in it.  Drying time overall is what takes the most time.

Here is a picture of a little girl using paint to design her own look on these patio stone that border a flower bed.  This is from a cute blog call

All in all, put some paint clothes or a smock on your kids and let them create something out of a patio stone!  It can be an amazing addition to your garden or flower bed or a great gift for Mother's Day for Grandma!!

Have a great weekend!!

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