Monday, March 5, 2012

Choosing a Space For Your Home Office

Whatever it is that you use a desk for, a small business from home or to do bills and keep household papers organized, your space needs to be organized.  You will get a lot more done in an efficient way if you have a place and an organized one at that!  Choose your place.  I just moved my home office to a little corner of our guest room and purchased an inexpensive desk from Staples that looks like a Pottery Barn knock off!  It was around $180 and works like a charm to keep all of my household papers as well as my small business papers organized. You might not have a room or corner that you can use so find a section of your kitchen counter and make it your own.  Where ever it is, find a place for yourself to keep your "life", schedule, paperwork, bills, recipes, etc....all in one place!

Yours in organizing,

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