Monday, March 19, 2012

Declutter Your Garage

A HUGE number of posts can be done around what it takes to get your garage looking like this picture.  I am going to start with this one on decluttering because that is the first thing that would have to take place to begin organizing in your garage.  First, use your driveway or a patio as a "staging area" and divide it into zones for items you will keep, throw away, donate and sell.  If you really have a storage issue you may  have to consider renting a storage unit for some things.  Be realistic about what you need to keep.  You will hopefully create an impressive pile for the dumpster and to sell. Either set up a garage sale for your sell items or post them to Craigslist and make some money which can be turned into a new storage solution for your garage!  When you have decided what you will keep in the garage be sure and create a storage system based on those items!  Enjoy your fresh, de-cluttered garage!!

Yours in organizing,

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