Friday, March 23, 2012


How about baking a batch of cookies or cupcakes with your kids today!  Set them up to the counter, get out all the ingredients and let them help pour, stir, and bake!  My boys LOVE it when I let them bake with me.  They especially love it because they get to lick the beaters from the mixer! 

What a great bonding time!  Be sure and pray for patience before you start (and ask for it during the process as well) because if you are anything like me you will try and make them do it all "your way" instead of letting them enjoy making a little mess with the flour or sugar.  It is great for you and them to just let them try to do it on their own (with a little help from you, especially with the eggs :)

This picture if from Valentine's Day when we baked cupcakes for our friends.  We really had such a fun time doing it and the boys felt great about their accomplishment at the end.  After all, remember we are creating memories for our kids here!!

Have fun and enjoy spending quality time with your kids today, on this FUN FRIDAY!!

Have a great weekend!

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