Monday, March 12, 2012

Home Office Organizing

Whether you have a small business out of your home, doing homeschool with your kids, keeping up with recipes, or paying bills and other household paperwork, your home office and the paper flow through your home can be organized.  First, think in terms of what activities you do that include all the paperwork in your home.  Make a list or sort through the papers and make piles of these activities.  Create activity hubs within your office by assigning a home to each activity it is that you do.  Use different organizing solutions/tools to house these different hubs.  These document boxes are a great way to keep track of a specific activity in your office.  Also, a magazine file can be used as a great activity hub!  You can get in a routine of visiting these activity hubs daily to keep track of what needs to be done for the day!  Have fun with this organizing task by creating these hubs in a stylish way.  Choose colors that you love and that coordinate with your room decor!

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