Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Make Your Outside Space Part of Your Living Space

Making your outdoor space into added living space can be so fun and really add a lot to your enjoyment of the warm months the we have coming up!  I have spent the last few afternoons loving on our back patio, bringing it back to its "Springtime" look and feel after the winter months of nothing out there.  I really believe that with any budget you can create a decorated, peaceful outdoor patio or deck for your family to enjoy.  Here are ideas you can use to help design yours!

  •  Add a rug to create coziness {make sure it is an all-weather or outdoor rug}
  • choose furniture that has a colorful cushion. You can do a grouping of furniture or a table and chairs, depending on your budget
  •  Add more color with throw pillows, also in weather resistant fabrics
  • Use a coffee table, or end table to bring the furniture together and have a place to set your accessories. Using wood can really create a rustic look.
  • An umbrella used would be a great addition in this space as well.
  • Another great patio decorating idea...A bubbling fountain, which allows you to relax and enjoy the sounds of nature while blocking out possible unwanted background noise 
  • Planter boxes can be attached to fences or placed on walls
  • Suspend birdhouses or lanterns from wrought iron shepherd hooks
  • Also, work on the lighting factor. whether you use lanterns with candles, tiki lamps for a theme, a string of paper lanterns, a chimenea or fireplace, any of these can add the touch of ambience to your space.  
  • Use potted plants of all colors, textures, and sizes to bring the living color in to your patio. If you have a porch cover, consider adding a vine that grows to cover the entire porch.                                       
Whatever you have, a porch, patio or deck, you can use any of these elements  Remember, just like the inside of your home, your outdoor spaces such as the porch or patio should reflect your personality and lifestyle. The sky is the limit, so use these easy patio ideas and get started!


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