Thursday, March 1, 2012

Organizing for Tax Season

Tax season is upon us once again.  It can seem overwhelming to you to have to gather all the receipts, 1099's, W2's and other documents you need to get your taxes filed.  Here is a simple solution for you.  Start with this expandable file from Staples or any other office store and use this as the "catch all" for all papers, receipts, etc. that you will use for 2012 (next year) taxes.  As an added touch you can label each section with a specific title for even further clarification as to what you are keeping.  This will get you on a path to be being more organized today for next April 15th!!  Also, grab one for this year (2011) paperwork too so that once you have dug out what you need from your piles and hidden places, you have something to put it in and store it for your records after your taxes are complete!! 

Yours in organizing,

Michelle Ducato ::

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