Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Paper Clutter :: Incoming Mail

I know that you can all relate to this dilemma: the ENDLESS amounts of incoming mail on a daily basis!  We all get mail 6 days a week, every week of the year.  What do you do with it?  Do you have a system in place or a "paper trail" for the mail when it is brought into the house?  If not, listen up!! Get a basket of some sort, one like this is cute and will look nice sitting out on the counter of the kitchen or wherever your "entry" is.

For most people the entryway or drop-off point for all mail is the kitchen counter.  Instead of just randomly dropping it off on the counter, use a basket and make that dropping point intentional.  Put all mail and other paperwork that needs to be looked at in this basket.  When you are ready to look at the mail it will be in one spot!  From here, sort through and toss the items that you don't need by placing those in the trash.  Next, take all the bills out and carry them to the place where you pay bills.  This may be a home office area, a desk right there in the kitchen or somewhere else.  Where ever it is, take all the bills and place them in a "bill holder" like the one here.  This is a black metal mesh holder from Staples but I am sure there are a ton of different ones out there that can suit any style.

Another thing that may be in your mail that you are holding on to are things to read.  Use another basket to hold this stuff.  This can be just like the "Inbox" that holds your mail when it comes into the house.  So, at this point, your paper has just been separated and decluttered from a big pile laying on the kitchen counter to an "Inbox" basket,  a "To Read" basket, and a "Bills to Pay" holder. 

With these 3 different "stations" you have begun an organized "paper trail" into your home that your whole family can follow!

Yours in organizing,

Michelle Ducato :: www.containyourhome.com

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