Thursday, March 22, 2012

Paper Clutter :: Make your files beautiful!

Dealing with paper that trails through our home can be overwhelming and sometimes a little frustrating.  So, why not make your home office fun with pretty stuff that you like to look at :)

I LOVE to purchase home office products that dress up my space and give it a little flair.  These file folders from Clever Container do just that.  What an inexpensive way to bring a little color and life to the mondane paper pushing tasks! 

I have seen these types of file folders in tons of color and patterns at the office supply stores too.  Decorate your office or your desk.  Make it inviting and something that you enjoy keeping organized.  It helps a lot to keep up with your system if it is put together and styled in a way that makes you want to work in it! 

Take a look at my files from the picture on the post yesterday.  I have used a natural color file and created a unified look with just one color.  I matched those with metal label holders and white labels.  I will be showing you the rest of my office in upcoming posts where I used all white 3-ring binders to continue my neutral color theme.  I really enjoy coming into my guest room where my home office is and working because it is designed and decorated the way I like it.  Put yours together and love your space.  You will truly want to do more to keep it organized!!

Yours in organizing,

Michelle Ducato ::

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