Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Paper Trail :: One Step Further

Let's talk about taking your "paper trail" one step further.  Once you have designated a basket as your "Inbox" and setup a place for your "Bills To Pay" holder, you can move on to more specific file folders for your other papers.  This is a picture of my "paper station" where I put each piece of paper that I work with in my household into a category.  For instance, my categories or files are: Action Items, Phone Calls, Pending, To Do, Coupons/Gift Certificates, and Place to Go.   These categories represent each file folder in this file holder hung on my home office wall.  I go through these daily and/or weekly to see what needs my attention. 

If there is an item in the Action folder (which to me is anything that has a due date, excluding bills) I will tend to that to have it done by its due date.  Any phone calls that I need to make are easily pulled out of the Phone Calls file so that I can complete those.  If I have to leave a message or if I am still working on an item, it is transferred to the Pending file.  The To-Do file is where all things go that I need to work on.  These are items that have no due date or deadline.  If I end up with extra time to work in the home office I can go to this To-Do file and easily find a task to start. 

Everyone will may have different types of files to go in their "paper trail" system.  Some people collect pagees out of magazines to use the ideas at a later date for home decorating or home projects.  Others may have recipes that they would like to keep in this type of a system.  Whatever your papers are that end up in piles on your desk or counter space, consider this file system to keep away from piles where your papers get lost.

I have seen it a zillion times when working with people on their home offices.  Piles simply do not work to keep track of the important papers.  It is intimidating and confusing to look at piles of paper that may have been stacked at one point but quickly can get out of control.  You may stack a group of papers together that represent the same idea, like a To-Do pile but by the next day, you have completely forgotten what exactly that pile meant and therefore forget an important task that needed to be done. 

Try this file system and see how much easier you can keep papers organized in your home.

Yours in organizing,

Michelle Ducato ::

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